"Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal." T S Eliot

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

I Can Almost Live (with the way I'm leavin' you)

Will you forgive me
If I look at your game, girl
And thru a lucid glimpse
Find nothing we could learn.

Tangled in caprice, these
Poems promise no return
- Are you surprised that now
I don’t believe the words

Don’t give me na├»ve,
Come on tell me, why so sad?
We both knew this love
Could turn a good man bad.
If easy whispers
Left us feelin’ hard done by
Know you can’t call me back
To hang on vacant sighs.

Thought I could love you once
Til I got sad inside
Now this delicate blues
Is the way I’m leavin’ you.

I’ve walked all over
Harvesting discarded dreams
Yet I struggle to fit
These hand-me-down fears

As time you’ll while by
Know you can’t love this feeling
And you’ll return to lay
Here under my wing

Search the soul that fell,
Tumbled from grace and favour
Tender is the rain
Though dischented now, 'cause
While the echoes, they tease
-From your eyes the tears -
The laugh in your footfall
Doesn’t ring so clear.

Thought I could love you once
Til I learned my own mind
With these derelict blues
I can almost live without you

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